Welcome to Irwin's Bakery & Cafe!
2123 N. 40th St. Seattle, WA 98103
Weekdays: 6am - 8pm Weekends: 7am - 8pm


Irwin's Commitments

"We are devoted not only to providing warm community gathering spots, but to bake the highest quality product possible; quality is where the value is."

We bake with Rbst growth hormone free dairy, free range eggs, and we don't add preservatives or any other weirdness to anything baked at Irwin's. This is old-school, at-home baking at it's most honest (and scrumptious...if we do say so ourselves!).

In keeping with our committments we bake with your favorite Sunshine Dairy products and with flour from local co-op Shepherds Grain.
Irwin's History

Irwin's Neighborhood Bakery and Cafe opened its doors 12 years ago, occupying the same space that's been a family-owned business serving the Wallingford neighborhood since 1927. Originally Irwin's Grocery and Market, the Irwin's legacy continued with the great-granddaughter of the original Irwin, Pastry Chef Shannon Mattila, who opened Irwin's as a Bakery and Cafe in 1997 and was the creative force behind the pastry recipes still used today at Irwin's.

Baker/Entrepreneur Linda Fecher bought Irwin's from Shannon Mattila in 2006. Irwin's had become Linda's family's local coffee shop, and here Linda became friends with Shannon, eventually becoming involved with the running of the business. When Linda heard that Shannon was considering selling the Bakery/Cafe, she jumped at the chance. "My heart started fluttering" Linda described her feelings on purchasing Irwin's, "I'd been a home baker for over 20 years and loved it and was already the bookkeeper for the business. I just knew it was a perfect fit as baking and providing hospitality had always been what I loved doing best."

When Linda took the reigns at Irwin's, she found great recipes and happy customers so decided not to reinvent the wheel. Shannon trained Linda to bake the same beautiful pastries that had made Irwin's a success to start with, and Linda keeps to those tried and true recipes, training each baker as she was trained. That said, Linda and her crew have added many new recipes and a full lunch menu to keep things fresh and lively.

Consistency of high quality is the most important thing to Linda and her staff at Irwin's, and last time I was there I overheard a customer asking the girl behind the pastry counter, "Who makes this stuff for you?" Linda and her devoted crew of bakers do, fresh, every single morning. - SW

Bio: Linda Fecher, Owner

Linda Fecher began her career in the restaurant industry on the other side of the counter, waiting tables at a busy local restaurant. A full-time mom with a business degree and a fanatical home-baker, Linda had been trying on different "hats" in her quest for the truly satisfying career. Waiting tables marked a turning point for Linda; it was here she discovered she had a knack, and a love, for hospitality. "It felt right, being hospitable, visiting with people. This tiny way of connecting what I loved doing at home with a job I could really care about."

A true interest in people and community and a real love for from-scratch baking is what Linda brings to Irwin's bustling bakery and neighborhood gathering spot. She calls the Wallingford Cafe her "living room", and wants nothing more than for all who enter to feel welcome.